Candle Wall Sconce
Small Candle Holder
Floor Candle Holder
Floor Candle Holder
Candle Wall Sconce
Small Candle Holder
Small Candle Holder
Small Candle Holder
Small Candle Holder
Small Candle Holder

Candle Holders

Demi Luna Table
Katalox Credenza
Decorative Credenza
Decorative End Table
Large Cherry Wood Credenza
End Table
Maple Credenza
Demi Luna Table
Mahogany Credenza
Floor Table
Redwood Office Desk & Credenza


Round Mirror
Wall Mirror
Upright Floor Mirror
Interior Full Length Wall Mirror
Wall Mirror


ER Honoring Our Warriors
Daryl Pierson Commemorative Statue
Rochester School of the Arts Commemorative Sculpture
Garden Fountain Lights
Edmund Lyon Park East Rochester Water Fountain
Commemorative Outdoor Arbor, Humane Society
Outdoor Garden Arbor
Decorative Garden Benches, Humane Society
Corn Hill

Garden, Park & Memorial

Jewelry Cabinet
Wall Screen
Decorative Floor Plant Stand
Miniature Doll House Armiore
Life Size Commemorative sculpture
Decorative Wall Sconces
The Guitar
Rochester Music Hall of Fame Award
Large Picture Frame w/ Digital Print
Floor Plant Stand
Floor Pedestal
Floor Plant Holder
Decorative Music Stand
Decorative Floor Screen
Dining Room Break Front

Interior Furnishings

Exterior Decorative Railing
Decorative Railing Day & Night
Interior Glass Railing
Decorative Railing
Decorative Interior Railing
Exterior Decorative Railing
Lower Railing
Decorative Ceiling Beams and Supports
Exterior Garden Railing


All designs and works shown are the copyright of Archigraphia / Mark McDermott


By Mark McDermott